What is pain? How does pain occur?

Most people’s spirit is not in harmony with their body, which is when conflicts arise. This often goes hand in hand with all sorts of pressure, stress. As a result there is a negative impact and malfunction of the organ/s and pain occur.

Pain is a warning that there is something fundamentally wrong, it is a sign that you have left the right path or the right way of living and as soon as possible, need to take the right direction again. Sometimes people arrive in a dark situation without realizing it, and without a way out. However, I will show you the right way if you ask for it. mel-foto-3

The alternative way of healing states that pain occurs when there is separation between spirit, soul, mind and body: “disharmony, disconnection”. Fine, you will say how does this separation occur? For example: by wrong thinking, not listening to the warning/s that the body indicates. Also, excessive stress can play a big role.

The most recurring sorts of pain are:
Chronic headache, migraine, sinusitis, hormonal headache/migraine, tension headaches, burn-out, stress, facial pain, headache by excessive use of medication, cluster headache, pain of the plexus solar, muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, tinnitus, before and after surgery, all sorts of addiction (smoking, abuse of alcohol etc.), phobias, fears, tics/nail biting, childhood psoriasis, eczema, allergies, study problem, relation problem, depression, prostate problem and many more, too many to mention. All these can be helped through Adfontes Healing Therapy by distance.

There are even solutions to difficulties getting pregnant.

Special: The Adfontes Healing Therapy can surely be applied for people who unexpectedly or through old age, have lost a nearest, dearest loved one. My profound wish to them is to give courage and strength to continue living.

The Adfontes Healing Therapy also works, helps perfectly on animals. For example behavior therapy.

For both, people and animals: ADFONTES HEALING DISTANCE THERAPY