What can I do for you? How do I work?

The method of Adfontes Healing Therapy is composed by myself. This therapy is simple and efficient.
My purpose is to unite body, soul and spirit (holistic healing, German word for heal is “heel” =
whole). Self-healing is in fact normal. Our body can do that. But, most people need help to re-
discover this.

My greatest desire is to help people to lighten or even to relieve them from their pain through
Adfontes Healing Distance Therapy. A short explanation so that you understand how it works.
I use number/s. All these numbers represent a complex of homeopathy and blossom remedies.
These combinations possess positive vibrations which are so subtle and behold enormous power.This subtle and positive information is what I will send to you personally, specifically for your case.The positive vibration of these remedies beholds a very strong power, so that in most cases, the pain of the person I send it to directly vanishes.

I give you these numbers and information by e-mail. You write these numbers on a piece of paper and put this on the painful body part; for example: your head, or keep it in your hands, while you mutter the numbers.

I will also give you the appropriate AFFIRMATION, this is a small text that you will modestly recite 3 X a day, so that your spirit and soul absorb the subtle vibration of it, to achieve a prolonged PAIN FREE period.

Adfontes Healing Therapy can be applied in any kind of situation:

-for an optimal absorption of vitamins in the food
-for health amelioration
-for performance amelioration, personally but also in sports.

Adfontes Healing Therapy can be integrated without interfering in other forms of therapy, including treatment by Doctors and the use of medication. Your safety is guaranteed, as there are no contraindications known.