Who am I? Why distance therapy?

My name is Aimé. I was born in Belgium (East Flanders) during the war.

Sometimes people say that my name is suitable (from the French verb aimer = to love), and indeed I love to help people in need on a good basis and with all my strength and with my whole heart. aime

I was very young when I discovered that I have an innate gift. When my mother fell and had pain in her arm, I laid my hand on her and her pain was gone. Since then, I have been helping people by relieving them from their pain, also by distance.

I am a paranormal/holistic healer and radiesthesist. I conduct my sessions in accordance with BUQI training techniques developed by a Chinese professor. This is the transfer of information through mental power by distance (distance is not important).

I have followed training in classic homeopathy and am also a radiation expert, and have a solid understanding and the ability to manipulate negative radiation such as: geological folds, electro smog, etc. which can often be the cause of serious illnesses or complaints.

Now I have developed Adfontes Healing Therapy which I implemented to help you especially by distance: ADFONTES HEALING THERAPY BY DISTANCE

Why distance therapy? 

1/  It’s very convenient, no need to travel, no money nor time wasted. You can ask for help whenever you feel like, I’m available at any time.

2/ For myself, this is also more convenient, I can immediately contact you.

3/ Besides, this is better both for you as for me: not having a direct personal contact means that all magnetic interferences are avoided, such as the auras of both parties. This way, the information which your aura beholds stays intact and authentic.

So, no information mix and as a consequence, an optimal result for you.

In a nutshell: the Adfontes Distance Healing Therapy’s efficiency is guaranteed.